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What Does This Inexplicable Tutor Want?

Many students around the world face in their opinion with insurmountable challenges- to design and successfully complete their writing assignments. Whatever task you face whatever type of paper you are assigned with and whatever program you are enrolled at, one should always remember that your imagination, creativity and original, unique vision are indispensable elements of well-written term paper.

Let us take for example a psychology term paper. So many students around the nation do not know how to start writing this kind of paper. One can examine this process. First, you should make acquaintance with some famous psychologists in order to understand how their ideas have shaped modern psychology.

Second, investigate the problem from psychological point of view. Try to explain why people, behave this way and not another, what ideas, thoughts and events guided them. Third, try to find out how other psychologist interpreted similar acts or behavior of individuals. But be very cautious in citing and certainly do not try to put out ideas of other persons as your own. Remember that if you violate this well-known rule, you commit plagiarism – a very serious crime.

You might use similar methods in the writing of philosophical papers. However, remember that in this type of paper- the most important point is to show your ability to criticize and analyze, rather than paraphrase or write some platitudes. The tutor would like to teach you how to analyze critically, argumentatively and impartially. One should always produce enough evidence for each contention made in an essay. Remember that your essay will be much weaker if you just provide your reader with the list of simple and vague assertions, without backing them up. Another vital element of this type of an essay is your clear statement of your point of view on the subject researched. The reader should understand where you stand.

Certainly there are just two types of the term papers that you may be asked to complete. There are different methods and ways that should be applied to research other subjects. Despite many differences all term papers and custom essays have a lot of common features as well. Before you start designing any paper (whether it is a one page essay or one hundred pages dissertation) you should follow several well-known, yet at the same time frequently forgotten steps: 1) Critically evaluate the subject, 2).One should gather relevant material on the topic, 3) Outline and make preliminary draft of your paper, 4) Design ad complete a preliminary draft 5) Edit the draft.

Yes, certainly it is a time and energy consuming process, but do not forget that it will pay off later on. The most important point is to learn how to organize, analyze, express your opinion in writing and produce well-argumentative research. - Francis Dower

The Research on the Internet - Its Past, Present and Future

Before you start writing and designing your term paper, make sure that you know and understand the subject and topic, you are assigned with. It might be simple, yet nevertheless a lot of students experience many difficulties at this stage. Why? Because apparently, it is not as simple as it might look. Even highly experienced and well educated person can spent several hours and in many cases days to come up with some ideas and points on particular topic.

That is why it is highly important to turn to term paper help resources. What kind of resources are these? In our modern world you have access to many databases, electronic libraries and other online sources. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a particular book or journal at the library. Yet, wherever you are - in the rural area or even in some distance country, you will be able to find many useful resources if you are connected to the web. There on the internet, you can find new research on your topic, new articles and messaging boards - vital information that might give you some ideas on the topic, you research. Try to read attentively and impartially in order to understand why this particular topic or subject concerns so many people. Why do they want to discuss it? Why do they argue about it? Once you have used these term paper help resources, you can move on to other stages of the writing of your paper. You may learn more about it here: term paper help.

Once you have come up with new ideas and have decided what you are going to investigate, you may start researching. This process is very important for all writing assignments; however I would like to single out two assignments where research is in the forefront of the writing process - research paper on health and research paper on religion.

When you start writing research paper on health, you may use internet extensively as well. There is a lot of information on various health topic, many health departments, organizations schools as well as societies have their web sites. One can find much useful practical information in different medicine journals which are available either free or under subscription. However, one should exercise extreme caution, when you use information from messaging boards or some unknown sites. Do not forget that in this type of the paper you should make sure that your information is relevant and authentic. In many cases internet sites or rather moderator review the information (messages and news) before it is posted. However do not forget that sometimes, though not always this information is reviewed by technical staff of the site rather than by real professional. Certainly, you understand that there are many branches of medicine and in my opinion it is virtually impossible to assign experienced and well-educated professionals in all fields to review the information. That is why one can use this information, but should be very cautious about it. You can learn more about it here research paper on health.

Internet might help you in the designing and completing research papers on religion. However, in this case you should remember that religion is viewed as interdisciplinary subject and you might visit some web sites on other disciplines as well (such as history, geography, psychology). When visiting these sites you should follow the advice given above (for the writing of the research paper on health). Try to follow the instructions of your tutor. When visiting web sites of different religious organizations, try to avoid the web sites that advertise religious intolerance. I can presume that you will not visit these sites, however remember-some of them may be outwardly aggressive, but some of them may promote hatred in surreptitious way. Learn more about it here research paper on religion.

And finally, despite the fact that these papers might differ in some methods of the research, one should always follow simple rule- gather information and resources before you start working on your paper. - Francis Dower

You Can Write a Good Paper!

Research Paper…

What are your associations of this word? Some will answer: college, higher, education, perspective job. When I come to recollect writing my first Literature Research Paper, my imagination draws a depressing picture of piles of books, newspapers, magazines, large library reading rooms and sleepless nights at the computer.

Education is vital in our competitive society and each of us is likely to face the problem of creating his/her own writing. At schools, we write compositions, short essays, reports. As students we have to generate essays, research papers, term papers, etc. If we decide to continue our education in graduate school, again we are to submit articles, reports, and finally theses and dissertations.

But no college, no university provides you with simple realistic advice how to write, for example, your own Psychology Research Paper.

That is why both students and post graduates are dashing about with no clear idea how to produce this titanic work of 30 – 50 pages. Nobody just explained them how to do it…

There are so many requirements for completing your research paper or essay. Some tutors demand your own ideas and opinions, some professors cut them out, others expect their students make a close study of the given literature, and so on.

Are there any universal requirements, some common rules that will facilitate the writing process? I believe that they exist. Otherwise I would not be writing this article….

Each of us is creative and imaginative. Some of us know it, others hide it, and some just need to reveal it. But for most of us writing a research paper seems just a waste of time. Even if the topic does not interest you very much, working on it will help you to develop your creative potential, to get more confident as you will learn to write on your own. Any writing from an essay to thesis can be written in a short period of time and does not require any peculiar talents. What you really need is concentration and right course of your efforts.

The following Research Paper Help Tips will direct your energy and attempts into the right course:

- Choose your topic very carefully and thoughtfully

- Select and study the informational sources very seriously

- Start planning from the very start!

- Write — express the experts’ opinion

- Share your point of view (back it up with the solid evidence)

- Keep your writing style distinct and clear.

- The conclusion flows naturally from the preceding paragraphs.

- It is time to write an introduction! Yes! (I know what am saying)

- Arrange your paper according to the standards.

- Be proud of your work!!!! - Francis Dower

They Are Just Afraid of Writing

This article represents, practical and useful guide on how to write a dissertation. Even if you have already completed dissertation, you might find some of the advices of this article useful.

Sometimes, students as well as scholars are afraid of designing and completing new project, one of the most difficult in their turbulent student life, one of the longest during their short period of study, and one of the most important as well. Why are so many people afraid of the writing assignment? Why so many students afraid of dissertations? Apparently, they have too many questions and too few answers.

Let us, answer some of them.

First, remember that it is not always necessary to make your own research. Certainly, when you are assigned to undertake some research in your instructions than you should perform it. In the majority of cases, however, you can use available statistical data.

Second, the data mentioned can be found relatively easily. There are plethoras of publishing sources that contain the data you are interested in. Even, if you do not have data on some specific problem (for example media coverage of the war in Iraq), you have the possibility to conduct the research and analyze available publishing sources.

Third, there are other sources that can be researched. For example, if you are assigned to complete the assignment on geography, then you should visit library to conduct your research, or visit geographical society, if your research pertains to some regional topic.

Fourth, both quantitative and qualitative data can be used in your research. Certainly, what type of the research should be used depends on the type of your assignment. Needless to say, it is imperative to use quantitative methods in the writing assignments of technical subjects, but even in this case you should indicate why the particular method has been chosen. When you need to back your research up with statistical data, the use of quantitative research is indispensable. Qualitative date is frequently used when you would like to find out the psychological or social reasons of a particular event or trend. You can either use your own date, or use data from other sources.

Fifth, in your dissertation project you are expected to analyze your data, both the one collected by yourself from your own research or from other sources. You should answer such questions as why does this trend continue, what makes it grow or fall, why is it changing? You could explain how particular methods are applicable to the process that you research. One should reveal one’s own understanding of the vital elements of the concept mentioned and their influence on the process that you research.

Fifth, you dissertation can be written on some literature. In this case it would be a literature-based paper. If you are assigned to conduct the research on particular book, you should emphasize some important topics of the book, which in your opinion make this book distinctive. This type of dissertation requires some research on literature criticism; however make sure that you use literature criticism, after you have read a book. - Francis Dower

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Don't Be Afraid of Your Topic

Have you ever thought why another college term paper causes your distress? You just saw its confusing title and it seems to make no sense to you. Or you can’t decide what topic to choose from a countless number of options spinning in your mind. Yes, I will agree with you that sometimes the choice and misunderstanding of the topic are the main hindrances in producing a good writing. But we should overcome this barrier. We will see how to get the meaning of the assigned topic and to choose a winning topic. Your paper suggests a complete exposure of the topic. Sometimes you need just to understand it and that is all.

Try reading the topic several times and find key word in it, that is the nucleus of your topic. Relate the key word to a specific academic discipline. As you see, careful thinking over the topic helps you to understand that it is not that difficult. Before the main stage of the writing process you should memorize the title of your topic. While working on your paper repeat it constantly and that way you will not get off the point. In many cases teachers give you an opportunity to select the topic on your own. It is difficult to say what is better: to work on the assigned topic or to hesitate which to choose? It depends. We are sure you will determine which variant suits you best. Our aim is to provide you with information that will facilitate your writing procedure.

As you are choosing the topic take into consideration the following ideas:

1) You will never produce a good paper if you don’t feel enthusiastic about the topic. Your choice should be based on the area of your personal interests, preferences and the subjects that appeal to you.

2) Don’t choose the complicated topic. You will waste a lot of precious time in search of necessary information and even more time to make some sense of it. Besides there is a risk of finding nothing and then all you have to is to order custom term paper.

3) Narrow your topic. It is impossible to cover a general topic in your paper. Extract more specific and particular issue from a general topic. That way you will have an opportunity to give a deeper and more detailed discussion of the question.

4) Your topic should give opportunities for doing your independent research, in which you will demonstrate your skills and abilities to collect, assemble, generalize and analyze facts and documents. We want to wish you inspiration, concentration and not so much perspiration with your college term paper. - Francis Dower

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How to Love Writing

Many people want to know the magic secrets of “writing”, even more people are giving their advice on “writing “. There is also the third group which exceeds the previous two twice as much - it unites those who hate writing and avoid doing it. There is hardly a chance that they will read this article, but I do believe in miracles. So first of all I am addressing my words to them and everyone else is also welcome to reflect on the role of writing.

Most people really do underestimate the significance of writing in our lives. Writing does not merely convey some ideas; in fact these ideas are the products of writing. If writing never appealed to you and you never liked it that much, you will never perceive the ideas generated in writing. My idea about writing is that you should write well or not to write at all. What’s the use of it? Anyway the readers won’t get your idea. And you will just waste your time and effort to write it, and reader’s time and effort to understand your confused ideas. If you are ready to take pains and learn how to write well, here is the first option. Write the first draft very quickly, do not think too much on word choice and sentence patterns, and just follow your “stream of consciousness”. The next stages of your writing will involve refining this rough diamond. Rewrite it, do away with all the empty and unnecessary words, and keep a dialogue with the reader through your writing.

You can try imitating writers you admire, but be reasonable and do not overdo it. If you stumble in the beginning of your text, try the following: write what comes to your mind, do not attribute too much importance to the opening sentences. An interesting fact: 80% of original ideas will appear as you are progressing in your essay. Once you write the last word of your story you will be able and edit the ugly beginning. Respect your audience and write something that can be of real use to them, write with a clear purpose. Allocate enough time to go through your creation and look for possible weak points: spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and misused words. Leave your writing in a peaceful safe place for a day or two and have a rest (you’ve deserved it). Then return to it, read it and if you like it –it is the first sign you have done a good job.
- By Francis Dower.

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